ABC Coding

Angry Bytes Documentation Portal

Welcome to our product documentation portal

We've created this portal to provide you with all the documentation of the Angry Bytes services you are using. Login in the top right corner of your screen and you will be redirected to the documentation sections, especially tailored for you and for all the Angry Bytes services you are using!

This platform will be updated with every new release of our ABC Manager, Two Screen or Two Screen Now software and services. If you have any questions regarding this platform or our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

ABC Manager

ABC Manager is a modular CMS (Content Management System), with an extensible interface, which offers a powerful publication system.

Additionally, ABC Manager includes a development framework that allows deve

Play Now!

Play Now! is our Swiss Army knife for second screens. With our Design, Timeline and Quizmaster modules, you are at the helm. Connect your web app to our powerful real-time platform to reach and interact with hundreds of thousands of viewers

Two Screen

The Two Screen platform is our framework for developing highly scalable interactive web applications, such as second screens. 

ABC Voting

ABC Voting is a microservice for handling, collecting and calculating votes on voting productions, created by Angry Bytes.